The trouble with falling in love with fictional characters: once you peel back the colors of the cartoon, there lies just a fragile sketch. After another layer- only a blank page left.

The 2018 Color of the Year

Ultra Violet. The N removed. "No no no no" we whisper into the swirling violence of far off galaxies, celestial bodies colliding over and over until all light is devoured and the N trails off into some small sound pushed between gritted teeth. The only sign of fight left until the violets begin to bloom. …

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The Fool

I’ve never been the kind of fool who could abandon a bad idea— flush goldfish just because I’m tired          of trying          to remember to keep them alive. But plenty of goldfish have died. Forgetting is another matter altogether in any weather         whether you lose or forget to keep you’ve still got still gills and a long …

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