ACNH Challenge 12 – Order at The Roost

To keep myself entertained while waiting for the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons, I created a 20 day challenge! I’d love it if you played along using #ACNHChallenge. You can participate in as many or few as you’d like – and you can share on any day (you don’t have to go in order).

I’ll post the full list of challenges on March 20th so you can play along!

#ACNHChallenge – Order at the Roost

Brewster is the best. Standing there washing mugs in his vest and apron while you sip your coffee and spill the tea about your day. His presence is as soothing as his hot beverages. And his passion for his craft is unmatched.

For today’s challenge, either make yourself a drink you’d order at The Roost or write down/draw your favorite beverage.


Carney’s Coffee Order
Beans: Bones Coffee Chocolate Orange
Milk: Regular amount, half and half
Sugar: Two spoonfuls

Drink it while it’s hot, coooo

What would you order at The Roost?

Games IRL

During some mindful meandering over the weekend, I stumbled upon The Evolution Store window in Soho. Two-headed taxidermied creatures, fossilized beast bits, glittering geodes and strange sea life jarred in formaldehyde pulled me away from the decadent Yuletide displays. After all, nothing screams “Christmas” to a carney more than a shop full of curiosities.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 11.41.50 AM.png

How many can you identify?

Upon facing this wall of framed insects behind the counter I immediately felt like I was standing in the Trivoli Museum of Arts, Science and History (TMASH) marveling over my complete collection of creepy crawlies.

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