Happy Freak Week!

It’s my favorite time of year for a lot of reasons, but one of the coolest (and tastiest) is Coney Island Brewery’s 3rd annual Freak Week. The brewery creates some strange and unusual concoctions in small exclusive to this event, and then tours them around with city with some tap takeovers. So not only doContinue reading “Happy Freak Week!”

NYC Summer Goals!

Summer in the city means sundresses, rooftops, sidewalk cafes, turning hydrants into sprinklers and, of course The Great Flip Flop Debate (as an island girl, I refuse to give up my flip flops). I’m not a huge fan of the heat, but I’m determined to put down the controller and brave the sun more. SoContinue reading “NYC Summer Goals!”

MoviePass is a Massive Scam

I’m not a generally a complainer, but over the last couple of months I’ve had such a horrible experience with MoviePass I feel morally obligated to warn my fellow humans. I signed up for the service in early February. And I honestly loved it. MoviePass gave me the freedom to see even the shitty moviesContinue reading “MoviePass is a Massive Scam”

Lessons New York Will Teach You

An ongoing list of lessons this great city will eventually teach you… If you wear a dress, expect your ass to go on display at least 3 times a day. Plan underthings accordingly. If you accidentally sext your Super, your apartment problems will be solved much faster. You cannot walk your dog after 10pm inContinue reading “Lessons New York Will Teach You”

Visiting Alternate Dimensions

Yesterday after work, my friend Maria and I were in need of an escape. From ourselves. From this planet. So we checked out VR World in midtown- a virtual reality arcade. It’s the largest on the planet, in their words. Checking into a Pixar-like animation about an old man who fixes broken dreams. I’ve onlyContinue reading “Visiting Alternate Dimensions”

Favorite Places – πŸ“– The Strand Book Store πŸ“š

Even before I lived in NYC, The Strand was a mandatory stop on every trip. Now I’m lucky enough to live and work close enough to make this place and its 18 miles of books a regular hangout. When work is slow, I like to walk the single avenue that separates us and spend anContinue reading “Favorite Places – πŸ“– The Strand Book Store πŸ“š”

Dessert Goals

My first grade teacher taught me the difference between desert and dessert with this helpful line about the S’s: If you’re lost in the desert, you’ll be glad there’s only one. If dessert is on the table, you’ll want more. The 20+ tables at Dessert Goals created an oasis of saccharine salvation in a pastelContinue reading “Dessert Goals”