10 Must-Watch Shows and Movies for Halloween

Between Hulu and Netflix alone, I’m positively overwhelmed with the selection of spooky, silly, campy movies and shows. I’ve narrowed it down 10 of my favorite picks every year. A couple of these come from my personal collection – not streaming yet. What are your favorites?

MoviePass is a Massive Scam

I’m not a generally a complainer, but over the last couple of months I’ve had such a horrible experience with MoviePass I feel morally obligated to warn my fellow humans. I signed up for the service in early February. And I honestly loved it. MoviePass gave me the freedom to see even the shitty moviesContinue reading “MoviePass is a Massive Scam”

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom: Thoughts (No Spoilers)

Thanks to Universal, I was invited to an advanced screening of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom yesterday. I’ve been excited about this release since the last movie rolled credits. At that time, I left the theater pumped up, riding high on thrills and nostalgia. After Fallen Kingdom, however, I left disappointed and confused. Overall, it seemedContinue reading “Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom: Thoughts (No Spoilers)”

Let’s Talk about the Latest Jurassic World Trailer

There were two big thrills for me during the Super Bowl: 1) Seeing my boyfriend cry when his Eagles won the Lombardi for the first time in their history. 2) The latest trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I can really see the horror influence here. Director J.A. Bayona is bringing a much darker feelContinue reading “Let’s Talk about the Latest Jurassic World Trailer”