ACNH Challenge 9 – Select your Starters

To keep myself entertained while waiting for the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons, I created a 20 day challenge! I’d love it if you played along using #ACNHChallenge. You can participate in as many or few as you’d like – and you can share on any day (you don’t have to go in order).

I’ll post the full list of challenges on March 20th so you can play along!

#ACNHChallenge 9 – Select your starters

So there’s a theory going around that your starters in New Horizons will always be an Uchi and a Jock personality. For my picks, I’m going to work within those parameters since it’s based on some solid evidence. You can run wild! Tell me your dreamies!

Going through the list of potential islanders, I discovered I’m a snooty type. ALL my initial picks were snooty. Whatever! They’re cool and sassy and confident. Who wouldn’t want a friend who will drag you to an art gallery show (Naomi) or gossip over brunch (Blanche). But my hands are tied so:

Uchi pick: Pashmina – Come on. She’s so cute. I’ve always loved Pash. She’s the big sister I wish I’d had. Plus we have the same skill and coffee order.

Jock pick: Boots – He’s clearly a New Orleans alligator living life, rooting for the Saints and snapping up some beignets. I can get down with that. I’ll change his catchphrase to WHODAT.

Who would you pick? Will you restart until you get your perfect pair?