ACNH Challenge 5 – Make a Furniture Wishlist

To keep myself entertained while waiting for the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons, I created a 20 day challenge! I’d love it if you played along using #ACNHChallenge. You can participate in as many or few as you’d like – and you can share on any day (you don’t have to go in order).

I’ll post the full list of challenges on March 20th so you can play along!

#ACNHChallenge 5 – Make a furniture wishlist

I think I’ve been spoiled a bit by the constant influx of new items in AC Pocket Camp. Admittedly, I was REALLY disappointed when I learned there would be no crossover between ACPC and New Horizons. I’ve collected a ton of items and furniture I adore; some of it I even paid real money for! So if we can transfer Pokemon between mobile and Switch, I don’t see why they won’t let us do the same with furniture in ACNH. Ok /rant

That said, I am hoping some of the newer ACPC furniture sets will make it onto the island. Particularly, I love my carnival set up at my camp with the Big-Top items from Bob’s Circus Cookie and all that wide open island space, I could build a whole amusement park! The Big-Top Stage Curtain, Tightrope and Balance Ball give the campers some fun activities. The Countdown Ferris Wheel is such a cute piece, but in ACPC, there’s barely any room for it and the campers can’t even interact with it.

It would be amazing if New Horizons kept the islander interactivity with so many items and ALSO opened that up to the players! How much fun would it be to come to my island and ride the Ferris Wheel or test your tightrope skills?

My quite crowded carnival camp

The concession stalls from Redd’s Summer Festival would be keepers too. Sno-cones, cotton candy and chocolate covered bananas are carnival staples!

In New Leaf, I turned one of my museum rooms into a working arcade where town visitors could play games and win prizes! All those old items are definitely on my ACNH wishlist, and are likely to make a return.

Museum Arcade – spin the wheel and win a prize!

Also from Pocket Camp, the seats, concessions stand and movie screens from Apollo’s Cinema Cookie allowed me to create the cutest drive-in/outdoor theater. I can only have my carnival OR my drive-in on the mobile game. With a whole island, these could come to life in different areas with concessions in between the park and theater.

As far as new items, some witchy furniture would be great. These crystals are gorgeous and I love the crystal ball table. A proper deck of tarot cards would look great. For now in my fortune teller’s camper, I have to pretend with a stack of cash!

What furniture do you want in Animal Crossing New Horizons?