ACNH Challenge 4 – Wildest Theories

To keep myself entertained while waiting for the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons, I created a 20 day challenge! I’d love it if you played along using #ACNHChallenge. You can participate in as many or few as you’d like – and you can share on any day (you don’t have to go in order).

I’ll post the full list of challenges on March 20th so you can play along!

#ACNHChallenge 3 – Share your wildest theory

It seems like many of our most loved and familiar characters are thus far missing – Tortimer, Joan, Chip, and Nat to name a few. While they could appear later in the game as special guests, there have been a few cryptic clues. Naturally I filled in the blanks with my dark, twisted imagination.

Our former mayor and tour guide

In New Leaf, Tortimer had retired to a lush resort island. He ran his little tours as a side hustle, enjoyed the sun and sipped coconut cocktails. As time went on, Nat retired and joined him, spending his days gulping down gourmet beetles. Then Chip moved out to the island to live out his days catching the rarest sea delicacies. Finally, even Joan turned in her turnips for tropical fruits.

The group sat in their cabana chairs, watching the sun set and reminiscing about the good ole days. Kapp’n occasionally brought news and gossip from the mainland. Life was good.

However, our beloved island tour guide was aging. He wasn’t able to guide visitors around anymore. Instead, he created games designed as self-guided tours to encourage folks to explore, fish, mine and catch new bugs, while he stayed behind with a timer. Even with the cane, getting around was tough for the old guy, but he so loved seeing the joy on visitors’ faces that he couldn’t give up the business.

One day, Kapp’n brought upsetting news from the mainland. The mayor had been disappearing for long stretches of time. The villagers were restless without their leader. Public works projects we left unfinished. Weeds overran the once lovely town. Worst of all, businesses on main street were failing as long-time residents moved away.

Tortimer was gutted. Heartbroken. Shell shocked. He had been so sure he was leaving the town in young, capable hands, but he was wrong. Everything he’d worked his entire life to build was falling apart like his ancient body. The news was too much. Tortimer sunk to his knees, slowly withdrew into his shell and took his final breath as his heart stopped.

Tortimer’s grave adorned with dead flowers

Joan gathered up flowers in her old turnip basket. Nat found a hill overlooking the sea in the direction of the mainland. He dug all night while Chip carved a beautiful stone. When all the tears were dried and memories shared, the trio slowly returned to their routines. The sadness rooted deep into the island, though.

Weeks went on slowly, but steadily as the tides. Until one morning, Chip noticed a shift in the wind. Clouds gathered on the horizon, darkening the sunrise…

The storm ravaged the island, destroying everything but a handful of trees. When it passed, the island was completely deserted… but more beautiful than ever. The landscape was spotted with small lakes. New creeks and waterfalls formed over the cliffs. The island was nearly unrecognizable.

Except for a tombstone atop a hill. That’s how Kapp’n found the island again; and he returns each month to place fresh flowers on the grave.


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