Sunday Stats

*Since my family first got an NES, I’ve had a controller in my hands. Exploring new worlds, meeting new characters and experiencing stories… in some ways, I’ve just connected better with the world through games. However, it’s also very important to me to be present in my life, to improve myself, to go out and MEET the people I’ve connected with online and to expand my knowledge. I spend hours in games; how do I level myself up?

In this weekly series, I’ll chronicle how I’ve improved my “stats” with completely arbitrary scoring.*

-2 Intelligence – How did I make myself a little smarter? What did I learn?
I had a pretty lazy week getting over a cold. There wasn’t a lot of motivation to seek out anything new other than OJ and broth.

+2 Charisma – How was I less awkward or more beautiful?
My eyeliner was ON POINT all week. Loving this Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner so much!

+1 Strength – New workouts, breakthroughs, challenges.
I closed all my rings but didn’t get to the gym as much as I needed.

+1 Defense – Where did I consciously avoid or deflect negative energy?
I indulged in an age old relaxation technique I haven’t practiced since grad school. It felt really nice to have some focus back and worries melted away.

– 1 Luck– Something good that happened this week.
This is probably the first week I’ve had negative luck. Wedding bullshit has begun with people backing out of commitments I already contracted, therefore costing me money and putting me in the tough position of replacing them. Cool.

+5 Wealth – How did I save towards my goals?
Booked another new Rover client! This year has seen that little side hustle REALLY take off!

How did YOU level up this week?