Which Octopath to Travel – Ophelia

If you haven’t gotten sucked into Octopath Traveler yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? With 8 characters to choose from, it can be overwhelming. After all, your main character is the only one you can’t switch out over the course of the journey. Let’s jump into someone else’s shoes.


Sweet, innocent Ophelia was abandoned on the doorstep of the Church of the Order of the Flame and taken in by the Archbishop. She was raised as his own alongside his daughter, Lianna, who is preparing for a ritual and pilgrimage known as the Kindling.


But whoops. Archbishop falls deathly ill and Ophelia starts her sister’s ritual by procuring the spark of the Sacred Flame… so now she has to finish it. So she travels to towns with churches to share the spark and reinvigorate the Sacred Flames on their altars. She spreads peace and calm everywhere she goes.


In battle, she’s surprisingly not weak for a healer, especially if you equip her with a secondary job like Warrior. Her battle cry (“OH, Sacred Light!”) sounds a bit like she’s mid-orgasm, but Her Guide ability is a more pure version of Primrose’s Allure. Ophelia can guide townspeople to complete side quests and summon them in battle to fight alongside her.

Choose Ophelia if you:
enjoy Catholic Guilt
have religious hang ups
steal your siblings’ glory
like playing with fire

Who will YOU choose?