Sunday Stats

Sunday Stats(1)

*Since my family first got an NES, I’ve had a controller in my hands. Exploring new worlds, meeting new characters and experiencing stories… in some ways, I’ve just connected better with the world through games. However, it’s also very important to me to be present in my life, to improve myself, to go out and MEET the people I’ve connected with online and to expand my knowledge. I spend hours in games; how do I level myself up?

In this weekly series, I’ll chronicle how I’ve improved my “stats” with completely arbitrary scoring.*

-2 Intelligence – How did I make myself a little smarter? What did I learn?
Nutrition is hard. How the fuck are humans supposed to balance all the things our bodies need in less than 1500 calories? Also, why is fruit suddenly gigantic? Peaches used to be a little larger than plums when I was a kid and now they’re practically the size grapefruits used to be before they became the size that cantaloupes used to be.

+2 Charisma – How was I less awkward or more beautiful?
It’s a small thing, but my nails are long! I didn’t chew them off this week. Hopefully they’ll survive until I can make a nail appointment.

+1 Strength – New workouts, breakthroughs, challenges.
My weigh-ins are Mondays so this update is almost outdated, but as of Monday this week, I lost 3.2 lbs! In just my first week. I’ll need to remember this moment when I hit a wall, get frustrated and almost give up. I’m glad I don’t have a scale at home!

+2 Defense – Where did I consciously avoid or deflect negative energy?
It was not a good week. I spent a lot of time wallowing in the past and playing out What Ifs if just one scenario had gone differently. I’ve had trouble letting go for a very long time, and I’m still trying…

+3 Luck – Something good that happened this week.
We found out this week that our skeeball team – The Skeevil Dead – won top scoring team AND top scoring individual last week. Hopefully we continue this trend through the finals.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 2.08.23 PM

+1 Wealth – How did I save towards my goals?
As previously mentioned, I removed auto-pay from all of my major accounts. It was making me feel disconnected from my money and less in control. The act of paying my bills every other week forces me to dig deep into my budget and see what I’ve been spending and what’s left.

How did YOU level up this week?