Which Octopath to Travel – Therion

If you haven’t gotten sucked into Octopath Traveler yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? With 8 characters to choose from, it can be overwhelming. After all, your main character is the only one you can’t switch out over the course of the journey. This week, I want to talk about the character I unexpectedly fell in love with:


I did not meet Therion in the demos and I’m really glad I didn’t because he has been such a wonderful surprise. Much like my irl “type,” Therion is brooding, aloof and inconvenienced by everyone around him. He’s as charming as he is sarcastic and always down for a drink. After all what better place to get gossip and leads than the local tavern?

Therion takes great pride in his thieving skills and reputation. But pride comes before the fall and our anti-hero is tricked into a grand job that ends with a Fool’s Bangle secured around his wrist, signaling to all in his trade’s community that he failed. In order to get the cuff removed, Therion must seek out and return three stolen dragonstones to House Ravus.


His thief skills are insanely useful, mostly because his HP and SP steal abilities come with TWO dagger strikes. And typically he recovers at least as much SP as he spends on the skill. In towns, I rarely need to buy healing aids because I can steal them at a success rate of 80% or better. This makes quick work of dismantling enemy shields if they’re weak to daggers.


Choose Therion if:
you’re a Scorpio.
manipulation is kind of your thing.
hanging out in dive bars sounds appealing.
you hate everyone.
paying for things irritates you.

Will you choose Therion?

3 thoughts on “Which Octopath to Travel – Therion

  1. gluxbox

    I really like Therion too! I always have him in my party when I reach a new town, so I can rob everyone lol! The only thing that irks me about him is when he says “Get out of my way” during battle. It seems like he’s just rudely saying it to his teammate to move. Maybe it was intended to be like an intimidation line directed at the enemies, but it comes across like he’s just an asshole. But maybe that’s intentional! What do you think? 😛


    1. CarneyVorous

      I love his snarky attitude. I think it’s directed at the enemies because he also says “I have better things to do.” He’s a thief! He is kind of an asshole lol. ESP compared to Mr High and Mighty Olberic


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