Which Octopath to Travel – Primrose

If you haven’t gotten sucked into Octopath Traveler yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? With 8 characters to choose from, it can be overwhelming. After all, your main character is the only one you can’t switch out over the course of the journey. This week, let’s explore the the character I chose to start my path:


I fell in love with Primrose in the first game demo. She reminds me a little of Shantae: Half Genie Hero. You know I love a sexy, strong female lead. Primrose is a sassy stripper with a heart of coal. She’s on a mission to avenge her late father, who was murdered by three men bearing the mark of the crow.


Despite her noble blood, she’s chosen to keep her identity a secret until she can hunt down the killers. So she dances for the criminal and the corrupt in the seedy desert city of Sunshade until the day her first lead walks into her bar.


Surprisingly, Primrose is one of the strongest characters. She fights with a combination of daggers and dances. Her dances cast powerful Darkness spells on enemies OR empower her party with new strength. She doesn’t get rattled in battle. She’s always ready to start shit AND end it.


You’ll love Primrose if:
Badass bitches are your thing
You have your own signature victory dance
Winning in important, but you appreciate a challenge
You’re into sexy pixels

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