Sunday Stats

*Since my family first got an NES, I’ve had a controller in my hands. Exploring new worlds, meeting new characters and experiencing stories… in some ways, I’ve just connected better with the world through games. However, it’s also very important to me to be present in my life, to improve myself, to go out and MEET the people I’ve connected with online and to expand my knowledge. I spend hours in games; how do I level myself up?

In this weekly series, I’ll chronicle how I’ve improved my “stats” with completely arbitrary scoring.*

-3 Intelligence – How did I make myself a little smarter? What did I learn?
I was INCREDIBLY unfocused and distracted this week. So much work drama popped up and social obligations I would have rather turned down ensures my anxiety was beating up my brain. Next week, I plan to minimize distractions by blocking off my calendar for specific work, listening to my productivity playlist and turning off my internet for 3 hours while I work.

-2 Charisma – How was I less awkward or more beautiful?
I was stuck wearing my glasses all week and living the cliche nerd-girl trope of being awkward and clumsy. Here I am after spilling smoothie on my shirt at work. Cool.

The face of awkward geekdom

-2 Strength – New workouts, breakthroughs, challenges.
Sigh… I can’t go to the gym in glasses. They sweat right off my face. Next week, everything changes- gym twice a day, 3x a week and no drinking on weeknights! I need to get into ideal shape by November.

+2 Defense – Where did I consciously avoid or deflect negative energy?
I did alot of spiritual work. Spells, meditation, tarot work… it felt really good. The biggest work was creating a money manifesting wallet, which I’ll write about later this week!

+1 Luck – Something good that happened this week.
Overall it was a good week. As you know, I judge the goodness of my weeks on how much cake there is. And this week, there was a ton of cake. Discovery Channel sent us Shark Week cupcakes, we had a birthday and a farewell party. And my ass is in dire need of the gym now.

⚠️ Confectionery Carnage Imminent ⚠️ [/[/
-2 Wealth – How did I save towards my goals?
I took some financial hits this week. A February trip to the ER came back to bite me months later. I have a trip home next weekend longer than I was planning which means extra dog sitting expenses for Muldoon. And I had to buy new contacts. Why is life so expensive? Why does healthcare suck so much?

How did YOU level up this week?