Sunday Stats

Sunday Stats

Since my family first got an NES, I’ve had a controller in my hands. Exploring new worlds, meeting new characters and experiencing stories… in some ways, I’ve just connected better with the world through games. However, it’s also very important to me to be present in my life, to improve myself, to go out and MEET the people I’ve connected with online and to expand my knowledge. I spend hours in games; how do I level myself up?

In this weekly series, I’ll chronicle how I’ve improved my “stats” with completely arbitrary scoring.*

+2 Intelligence – How did I make myself a little smarter? What did I learn?
I’ve been expanding my DnD knowledge by listening to The Adventure Zone podcast. It’s helping me learn the language and understand the breadth of gameplay possibilities. Last week, I created a tiefling rogue called Alaria for a one-shot game. This week we start our first full campaign.
Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 1.52.57 PM

-1 Charisma – How was I less awkward or more beautiful?
Every morning while making my coffee at work, I somehow drop a paper strip from the sugar packet into my cup. Despite the fact that I don’t (think) I’m tearing it open completely because I don’t use all the sugar, I pour my creamer in to discover a floating triangle of paper. I have to awkwardly fish it out in front of anyone who happens to be in the kitchen. This has happened every day this week. 🤦🏻‍♀️

+5 Strength – New workouts, breakthroughs, challenges.
Yesterday I ran the Hot Chocolate 15k in Philly with my sister. This was my 5th 15k and my 4th Hot Chocolate in Philly. I was really unprepared for it and hadn’t trained at all, but it was a great motivator to get my ass back into shape. I earned TWO medals – my finisher chocolate AND a retroactive 3rd year medal!

+2 Defense – Where did I consciously avoid or deflect negative energy?
My mom, my sister and I started a gratitude group text. Each morning we text each other something we’re grateful for to start our days on a positive note. I love this because they both wake up much earlier than I do so I get to wake up to a string of positivity and the knowledge that the people I love most are happy.

+3 Luck – Something good that happened this week
I got a super sweet surprise package from my longest-standing friend. Liz sent me a Rebel Tarot deck of oracle cards that don’t give a flying fuck about my feelings. I love it because this is exactly the kind of thing we would have had in high school when we first started exploring our witchiness. Answers with attitude.

+1 Wealth – How did I save towards my goals?
Quarterly update: I’m a little bit ahead of my 2018 savings goal! It feels really good to stick to this and not fall behind for once. I’m thinking about breaking this goal into pieces and shoving that money into my high yield savings or Stash. Otherwise it’s just sitting in this goal not doing anything. BUT it’ll feel so satisfying to see that 5k mark hit all at once and then move a chunk of money into savings.

How did you level up this week?