4 Things I Learned from Undertale

UNDERTALE castle in the stars

Hype can ruin a game.
Shocking revelation, I know. But I didn’t realize how much exposure to game hype affected me. I thought I was immune. It was impossible not to hear how amazing the game was before I started playing. My expectations were understandably set very high (as they often are- curse of the dreamer). Disappointment was inevitable.
It was a fine game. I liked it alright. It was charming and challenging in the right ways, but it’s hard to say now how much I would have enjoyed this game blind.

I am predisposed to murder.
I didn’t want to fight Toriel, but after several attempts (thought apparently not enough) to reason with her I didn’t see another way through that door. So I murdered the nicest monster in the game and, aside from the small monsterchild who shadowed me for a while, nearly every subsequent monster encountered. Accidental genocide run?

Actions speak louder than words.
It’s pretty clear in this game that destruction is rewarded where pacifism, though consistently encouraged through dialog, isn’t. I wanted to change these monsters’ perceptions of humans by being a model citizen, but the only way to earn the experience and HP needed to survive later and longer boss fights was to kill.
Complimenting or flirting with a few monsters may have spared a few lives, but it wasn’t going to get me through the game. Unfortunately.

Spiders are terrible bakers.
You would think, with all those legs to sift and knead and dock… nope. I just grossed myself out. And I still have an Orphan Thanksgiving apple pie to bake.