A Guide to TriForce Heroes Etiquette


Now that we’ve had a couple weeks with the newest Zelda entry from Nintendo, I’ve put together some useful tips to help everyone have a more enjoyable (and fashionable) experience.

1) When selecting a dungeon within an area, go in chronological order. You may be eager to try your newly stitched Cozy Parka in Snowball Ravine, but this area could be totally new to the Unknown Heroes. Go through them in order. You’ll get to your unfinished business and everyone else can complete all the stages. It’s a co-op. So cooperate. As a bonus: you’ll get more materials and rupees.

Speaking of materials and rupees:

2) Share the wealth. I’m guilty of being a rupee snatcher, especially when I know where all the chests are hidden. Totem toss a buddy to that out-of-reach purple rupee from time to time.

3) Don’t mash “NOOOOOO” if you don’t get the rare(r) item at the end.

Speaking of mashing emojis:

4) Don’t. Seriously. The emojis are cute and can be crucial in communicating how to solve a puzzle to your teammates, but smashing “itemitemITEMITEMITEM” will not instruct Red Link how to use it. And during a stressful boss battle, those emojis are distracting and can block a crucial chunk of screen where we might be trying to carefully aim and time a shot.

5) Please, please don’t drop out if there’s lag. And DON’T drop out if there’s no lag. When I see the “Sorry, something urgent came up and I have to leave” speech bubble, I just assume you are a demented Skulltula- dropping in just to fuck shit up. Finish the dungeon and then leave from the lobby like a human being.

6) If you’re not wearing an outfit designed to boost the special items/weapons for each area, let other players choose first. You’ll only benefit from their extra power.

Playing TriForce Heroes? Leave your tips and thoughts!

One thought on “A Guide to TriForce Heroes Etiquette

  1. BeeCee

    5 addendum) Don’t even join an online game if you know your connection is spotty. It’ll make everyone in your party miserable having to deal with the lag. Not splitting your bandwidth while playing goes a long way (e.g. streaming video/downloading files/etc…).

    6 addendum) If you accidentally pick up an item that someone else was going for, you can swap it out if no one else picked up the second item. Just out of courtesy, if you see someone select the Fire Blazer costume and there’s only one pair of fire gloves on the level, don’t pick up the fire gloves!
    1) Pay attention to what items are available on any given level and select costumes accordingly. Sure you can pick whatever costume you want, but why handicap yourself unless you want the challenge? (If you really want to challenge yourself, play the single player game and leave your teammates out of it.)

    2) Don’t totem your teammates to the end of the level. It’s just rude. Some teammates are newbies and you’re just destroying their experience by hand-holding their way through puzzles. Let’s give some players a little time to think.

    2a) Don’t be an ass and totem someone at the end of the level where the chests are. Preventing someone from getting a drop is highly uncalled for even if your teammate was a douche during the level. That’s what the Blacklist is for!

    3) Don’t throw teammates in to pits/hazards. You’re only hurting yourself.

    4) If a level has a bow and bomb for items, don’t go nuts with arrows when your teammate has a bomb out. Seriously.

    5) Take advantage of the chest room in town. One costume is only available by getting 10 items from there and you’ll only get one opportunity per day to get it.

    6) Rupee Regalia costume is fantastic at farming rupies in town. You can get most of the 1000 rupee items in the shop in just a couple of minutes thus saving you the frustration of trying to get a specific RNG drop at the end of a level.

    7) Some stages have multiple ways of solving a puzzle. Don’t force your way if your teammates are going a different direction from you.

    8) Don’t use an item on the jellyfish. It kills it immediately and you miss out on big payout rupees and crucial hearts before a boss.


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